Write a 350- to 700-word retort to each of the subjoined brief essay questions: Question 1: Considering Ch. 1 of Hope Planning and Ch. 2 of Contemporary Elegant Planning, examine how planning and plant use bear been influenced by the physiography of the United States. In point, cogitate the subjoined: Areas delay undeviating elegant development (for pattern, the New Engplant states) Areas delay low elegant development (for pattern, the higher Midwest) Areas that bear practiced changes in development (for pattern, Nevada or ability of North or South Carolina) Question 2: Considering Ch. 1 of Hope Planning and Ch. 6–7 of Contemporary Elegant Planning, what role does the sociopolitical environment enact in sustainable planning? Cogitate the subjoined: The literal role of presidential policies (for pattern, the availability of low-interest mortgage loans to the common) Urbanization booms caused by particular industries (for pattern, the California Gold Rush or the North Dakota surge in fossil fuels evolution) The aspect of more fruitful device extraction methods (for pattern, “fracking”) Question 3: Considering Ch. 3 & 4 of Hope Planning: Environmental Application, what role does plantscape produce and topography enact in sustainable planning? Cogitate the subjoined: Areas delay a vapid topography (for pattern, the Midwestern United States) Areas delay a sober topography and plantscape produce (for pattern, Missouri, Indiana, or Ohio) Areas delay limited mountain areas (for pattern, the Pacific Northwest) or areas rest to mountain systems (for pattern, the Appalachians) Format your essay retorts harmonious delay APA guidelines.