Network Security Threats and Issues

 Question 1 As the sixth era B.C. Chinese soldierly strategist and savant Sun Tzu formal in his renowned soldierly passage The Art of War: “If you distinguish the adversary and distinguish yourself you need not fright the results of a hundred battles.” Once you conceive how hackers conceive, the tools they use, their exploits, and their onslaught techniques, you can then make efficacious defenses to save opposing them. Discernment hacking not barely improves network carelessness; it as-well maintains carelessness at a eminent guilee of aptness. Why is conceiveing hacking, exploitation, vulnerabilities, and onslaughts critically weighty? What motivates hackers to onslaught computer networks? Why does anyone get compromised in illicit earnestness after a whileout the mainstream? question 2 --  Network Carelessness Management    Class, Network carelessness administration best practices are commendations, trainlines, or plummet permitted acts for obtaining moderate carelessness on a real-world budget. Best practices are usually not specific commendations for products or tools; instead, they are commendations for philosophies, stances, or concepts to use. The subjoined items are suggested best practices. These sway not devote to perfect environment, although you should observe, mix, or unite each when alienate. The substratum of any carelessness endeavor and the initiate of carelessness best practices is having a written guile. A written carelessness device has no supply. Any other mode, any other system, and other attempted act for defining, implementing, and managing carelessness obtain fall-short. Barely a written carelessness device has the germinative to surpass. What key rudiment DO YOU commend should be included among a vulnerability assessment’s ment?  Why is this rudiment weighty? question 3----  Firewall Basics    Firewalls are vital to maintaining carelessness, such as sustaining powerful communications and blocking vindictive exchange. However, firewalls are frequently past than fair pure filtering tools. The plummet and enhanced features of firewall products insist-upon distinguishledge and expertness if you are to properly habituate them. Chapter 7 introduces a multiformity of concepts referring-to to firewalls.  When you accomplished Chapter 7 you obtain be talented to:* Construct examples of vulgar firewall rules* Design a device to train efficacious firewall monitoring and logging* Identify the limitations and weaknesses of firewalls* Identify modes to conduct firewall operation* Define the concerns of encryption connected to firewalls* Identify the benefits and drawbacks of firewall enhancements* Demonstrate how to admittance and use firewall administration interfaces What is the biggest outcome(s) or problem(s) YOU SEE after a while firewalls?