Network Security Controls

    Assignment Requirements Ken 7 Windows Limited has pretended separate new servers and workstations to the Ken 7 estate to stay the new accomplishment material projectning (ERP) software. They keep as-well pretended frequent interior users and project to afford adit from indirect users to their interior network materials. Ken 7 Windows Limited needs added network represss to preserve their growing network. Consider the Windows servers and workstations in the estates of a ordinary IT infrastructure. Based on your mind of network pawn represss, advise practicable new represss that conquer augment the network’s pawn. Focus on ensuring that represss convince the plea in profoundness bearing to pawn. Summarize your network pawn represss in a Word muniment and surrender it to your schoolmaster. You must stipulate rationale for your choices by explaining how each repress makes the environment further guard. Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word Font: Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space Citation Style: APA fashion delay 3 references Length: 2-3 pages