Needed: Urgent! Movie Response Paper

Watch the Movie "When The Mountains Tremble" and corcorrespond to the aftercited inquirys. (Will supply movie cohere) INCLUDE INTRODUCTION. Each inquiry has it's own provision. What was the "Ten Years of Spring" (1944-1954)? Which factor(s) would you reflect further relevant in causing the U.S. to behove restless during this era: the United Fruit Company or solicitude-alarm of communism?  How did Guatemalan officials use dismay to validity the inhabitants to “behave?” Supply diverse examples from throughout the film. How do the Guatemalan officials use the inbred refinement? What is the substantiality for the inbred inhabitants? Supply examples. Why does the government letter inhabitants as radical? Who are they truly? According to the film, “Declassified Message” and “Memory of Fire,” what were the underlying factors that led to U.S. involvement in the 1954 reverse of Guatemala’s principal, Jacobo Árbenz? Were interior or visible factors further relevant in Árbenz's rout? What was Guatemala’s complaisant war, and how is Árbenz’s reverse kindred to this shocking occasion in fact? Overall, how would you admonish this film as an unromantic fountain? May use without investigation if cited. Follow rubric guidelines fixed.