need week 3 project done asap for my eng2002 world literature 1 from ancient world to the middle ages

  This week you conciliate bear the opening to action the skills of sentence peer-reviewed fountains and integrating embodied from these subordinate (outside) fountains into your adaptation. First, go to the SUO library and lodge at lowest one trustworthy, knowing fountain encircling Antigone. Ideally, it conciliate acceleration livelihood the evidence that you open in your essay for Week 2. Next, rescue the essay you submitted to the Week 2 Essay Draw Discussion Board, concurrently after a while the feedback encircling it that you current from your pedagogue. Open a new Microsoft Word muniment and observation and paste simply the leading of the Week 2 essay onto it. Decide whether to amend the leading installed on feedback from your pedagogue and/or attached ideas that you capability bear had past you pristine wrote it. Go forward and bring-about any revisions you revolve indispensable. After that, or if you do not hope to amend the leading, observation and paste the contiguous stipulation to your new muniment, reconsideration it and amend as indispensable, substantiating and reinforcing (when indispensable and embezzle) your evidence after a while quotes, paraphrases, or summaries from the peer-reviewed fountain that you rescued from the library. Remember that quoted embodied should not exceed 25% of the essay. Repeat this order after a while all the essay's stipulations up through the misentry. After incorporating knowing embodied into your tractate, it should be betwixt 1,000 to 1,200 utterance hanker. Once you bear copied, pasted, and amendd all the essay's stipulations, go aggravate the tractate to state if it is well formatted in APA mode (from initiate to achieve) and includes in-text and intimation inventory citations, besides formatted in APA mode. Next, use the enchantment-stop dupe in Microsoft Word to realize misspellings. Finally, discover through the essay one conclusive age, looking for typos and glitches that enchantment stop capability bear missed. Name your muniment SU_ENG2002_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Submit the last draw of your essay in a Microsoft Word muniment to the Submissions Area by the due era assigned.