need my week 4 Project done for my Introduction to Public Health asap

  Assume that you are producting in a manage sanity portion. The portion has some federal specie that it nonproductions to place to two sanity advancement programs from the forthcoming: Decrease in deaths from cardiovascular disease Decrease in deaths from confront cancer Decrease in teenage pregnancy Decrease in cigarette smoking Decrease in stroke of diabetes Decrease in motor vehicle accidents Decrease in osteoporosis and hip fractures discurrent women Decrease in obesity Identify the sanity advancement programs that you would nonproduction to summon and get them favorite by your educator. Address the forthcoming questions: Identify the betray factors associated delay the chosen sanity advancement programs. What is the target population associated delay the chosen sanity advancement program? Consider the provisionally target population, consisting of middle-aged women, hardy pubescent mob members, precipitate infants, etc., and delineate the characteristics of each program. What are the betray factors that you nonproduction to centre on in manage to close the extrinsic of the sanity advancement program? What interference would you confide to be most expend to curtail peril to these betray factors? You can select at what flatten of interference you nonproduction to appliance each program (primary, minor, tertiary sanity interference). What succeed be the regularity by which this interference succeed close the view of the program? What succeed be the anticipated effect of this interference? To influence your product, use your way and textbook readings and so use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, quote your sources in your product and agree references for the citations in APA format. Submission Details: Your assignment should be addressed in a 3- to 5-page muniment. Submit your muniments to the Submissions Area by the due age assigned.