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    Assignment Overview   Type: Individual Project  Unit:  The Anthropological Population   Due Date:  Tue, 10/17/17  Grading Type: Numeric  Points Possible:   120   Points Earned:  0   Deliverable Length:  Encircling 3 pages  View objectives for this assignment       Go To:     Assignment Details Learning Materials Reading Assignment My Work:       Online Deliverables:         Submissions  This assignment is the Common Assignment       Looking for tutoring? Go to Smarthinking         Collapse All |   Expand All   Assignment Details    Assignment Description      You  procure transcribe a lore disquisition encircling the demographic transition pattern and  global aid product and arrangement for a growing anthropological population  to confront global aid protection goals. You must use APA format for the  disquisition and documentation. Include the forthcoming:  Describe the demographic transition pattern and how it was exposed by demographers.   Describe the 4 sights of demographic transition.    For each sight, assimilate harsh race rates (CBR) to harsh departure rates  (CDR), and recite whether the population is established, growing, or  declining in each. ·  According to demographers, what factors administer to a disengage of  the CDR in sight two and the CBR in sight three of the demographic  transition? ·   Briefly delineate 3 foundation stipulations in exposed countries  that possess thrusted sight four, and dissimilarity them after a while these similar  stipulations in developing countries that survive in precedent sights.    Note: When comparing and dissimilaritying, emmatter details for each of  the entities nature assimilated and dissimilarityed. For in, if comparing  availability of purified introduce in a exposed dominion, dissimilarity  availability of purified introduce in a developing dominion.  Research and delineate a program for developing countries that would aid emend 1 of the 3 stipulations that you assimilated.   Food protection resources that everyone has an exceeding  amount of salutiferous aid to administer sound lives. Lore and delineate 1  specific program that aids developing countries thrust aid protection  goals.   For support after a while your assignment, resigned use your extract, other probable regards, intellipath modules, and series materials. This assignment procure besides be assessed using joined criteria granted hither. The forthcoming rubric procure be used for grading:     Grading Rubric   70% Content Development/Critical Thinking: Student uses  appropriate resigned to amply and precisely retort all questions. Student  demonstrates hazardous thinking by synthesizing former retorts in  student’s own language naturalized on balbutiation and lore, and embodys appropriate  examples.    20% Organization, Grammar, and Presentation:  Organization is plain. Writing plainly and effectively communicates  appropriate resigned. Few if any errors in grammar, spelling, and decision  structure.    10% 5% Knowledge Literacy and Research: Student selects and uses high-quality, probable regards appropriate to the assignment questions.  5% Sources are appropriately cited using APA style: The disquisition follows APA format and embodys a distinction page, immaterial, matter of disquisition, and regard register.   Other Knowledge             Thither is no joined knowledge to expose at this tim