need help in MAN 388 Case Study

  CASE STUDY 2: The Wedding Tony and Peggy Sue graduated from a university in Texas ultimate May. She ordinary a order in material counsel, and he graduated from the esculent initiate. They twain now product in the Dallas area. Peggy Sue teaches, and Tony is a chef at a haunt tavern restaurant.It is Christmas Day and Tony asks Peggy Sue to get marry him. She distractedly accepts. They set a nuptials bound of June 30.Tony is from New York City. He is the barely son of “Big Tony” and Carmella. He is notorious as “Little Tony” to his rise. He has three adolescenter sisters, none of whom are yet married. The rise owns a restaurant designated Big Tony’s, and all disgusting posterity enjoy producted in the restaurant past they were adolescent. They enjoy a enlightened liberal rise behind a while abundant kinsmen, most of whom speed in New York City. They as-well enjoy abundant coadjutors in the neighborhood.Peggy Sue is from Cornfield, Nebraska. She is the adolescentest of disgusting sisters. She and her sisters producted on the rise farm when they were adolescent. Her senior passed afar divers years ago. Her dowager, Mildred, now speeds fragmentary in the rise farmprogeny and leases the farmland to a nigh fellow-countryman. Peggy Sue’s sisters all married persomal men and all speed in Cornfield. All of their nuptialss were inferior (encircling 50 community), pure, and tolerably abundantly the selfsame. Mildred has the nuptials intents down to closely a scale gratuitous procedure—9:00 A.M. pageant at the inferior meeting-house, followed by a buffet brunch in the meeting-progeny dimidiation, and that is encircling it. They unquestionably could not yield abundantly further mature nuptialss owing the pay from the farm had been tolerably slender. Peggy Sue’s sisters did not go to propaganda, and she had to use out loans to pay for her propaganda expenses.Tony and Peggy Sue determine to allure abode and reveal the amiable-natured-natured information encircling their combinement and the forthcoming nuptials.Tony allures abode and numbers his mom, Carmella, the information. She replies, “That’s big, honey! I’ve been stoppage for this day. I can’t revere my slight baby is getting married. I’m so distracted. We’re going to enjoy the biggest, best nuptials incessantly. All our coadjutors and rise conquer end to laud. We’ll probably enjoy 300 community. And, of intent, we’ll enjoy the acceptance at our restaurant; the festival compass should be big sufficient. I’ll number your cousin Vinnie that you deficiency him to be best man. You grew up concomitantly, although you enjoyn’t seen abundantly of each other past you went off to propaganda in Texas. I’ll allure Aunt Lucy as anteriorly-desire as we’re executed talking and number her that we deficiency her slight Maria and Teresa to be gem girls and slight Nicky to be resonance carrier. And, oh, I closely forgot the most grave creature—your sisters, they’ll all be bridesmaids. I alexpeditions perceive what tinge their gowns conquer be—a submerged rose; they’ll be consumely. And sweetie, I didn’t ask your papa yet, but I perceive he’ll combine behind a while me—on Monday, I’m going to allure my coadjutor Francine, the rustication constituency, and get two tickets for you for a two-week honeymoon in Italy. You’ve nincessantly been there, and you must go. It conquer be a benefaction from your papa and me. And number Peggy Lee or Peggy Susie or whatincessantly congratulations. We are so lucky for twain of you. It’s your nuptials, and I don’t deficiency to clash. I’ll proper be close to succor. You perceive what I’m assertion. So, my slight Tony, whatincessantly you deficiency me to do, you proper number me. And one further creature, I’ll see Senior Frank behind Mass on Sunday and number him to impression his enlist alexpeditions for a two o’clock pageant on June 30. Goodbye, my big boy. I’ll number Papa you designated. And I can’t endure to set-on-foot numberesonance incessantlyybody to get expeditions to face on June 30.”Peggy Sue as-well allures her mom to number her the information encircling the upcoming nuptials. Mildred responds, “That’s admirable, beloved. I’m delighted you’re finally getting married. You endureed so desire behind a while going off to propaganda and incessantlyything. I’ll set-on-foot getting incessantlyycreature expeditions. I perceive how to do this in my drowse by now. I’ll announcement it to Reverend Johnson behind Sunday utility. I’ll number your sisters to forecast to be bridesmaids frequently in guardianship behind a while the rise romance. I surmise Holley conquer be the dame of honor; it’s her rotate. By the way, she’s forecasting her third slip probably equitable encircling the selfselfidentical prolongation as your nuptials, but I don’t contemplate that conquer stuff. Well, I surmise tolerably anteriorly-desire you’ll be having babies of your own, love all your sisters. I’m delighted you are finally settling down. You should unquestionably be contemplateing encircling melting tail abode, now that you are executed behind a while propaganda. I saw Emma Miller, your second-grade preceptor, at the grocery shop the other day. She told me she is retiring. I told her you would be distracted to heed that and probably deficiency to employ for her job.”“She said she didn’t contemplate they would enjoy too abundant community employing so you would enjoy a amiable-natured-natured befoulment. You could actuate in behind a while me. The progeny is so big and only. Tclose is full-supply of compass, and I can succor you note your babies. And your boyfriend, Tony—isn’t he a misinterpret or something? I’m unquestioning he could probably get a job at the diner in town. Oh beloved, I’m so lucky. I’ve been praying that you would end tail incessantly past you left. I’ll number all your sisters the information when they all end balance for rise dinner tonight. It won’t be desire anteriorly we’re all concomitantly frequently. Goodbye, my beloved, and you be mindful in that big city.”Tony and Peggy Sue set-on-foot discussing their nuptials. They determine they deficiency a big nuptials—behind a while their families and coadjutors, including a lot of their propaganda coadjutors. They deficiency an outdoor pageant and outdoor acceptance, including full-supply of aid, silence, and dancing into the extinction. They are not unquestioning how abundantly it conquer consume, though, and produce Peggy Sue’s dowager cannot yield to pay for the nuptials, so they conquer enjoy to pay for it themselves. Twain Tony and Peggy Sue enjoy propaganda loans to pay tail, but they vision that the coin benefactions they get from the nuptials guests conquer be sufficient to pay for the nuptials expenses and perhaps enjoy some left balance for a honeymoon.It is now New Year’s Day, and Tony and Peggy Sue determine to sit down and set-on-foot laying out the detailed intent of all the creatures they want to do to get expeditions for their nuptials.    CASE QUESTIONS 1.Develop an estimated prolongation for each disposition. 2.Using a device set-on-foot prolongation of 0 (or January 1) and a required device gist prolongation of 180 days (or June 30), reckon the ES, EF, LS, and LF prolongations and whole remiss for each disposition. If your calculations issue in a device schedule behind a while indirect whole remiss, amend the device aim, disposition estimated prolongations, and/or following or relying relationships unformed activities to land at an merry baseline schedule for completing the device behind a whilein 180 days (or by June 15). Describe the revisions you made. 3.Determine the crucial pathwayway, and test the activities that produce up the crucial pathwayway. 4.Produce a bar chart (Gantt Chart) inveterate on the ES and EF prolongations from the schedule in ace 2.    Instructions:   In a 3-5 page paper written in APA format and fixed as a Microsoft Word instrument,