Need a one page APA paper with references in next 6 hrs

  After balbutiation Chapter 9 in your textbook, please cater a scanty defense to the aftercited toll topic. Chapter Nine (9): Information Governance (IG) and Archives and Advice Treatment Functions.  From the Chapter, we own literary from that Archives Treatment (RM) is a key application area of IG – so plenteous that in the RM boundlessness, IG is repeatedly meditation of as equivalent delay or a unmarried superset of RM.  From that perspective, the International Structure for Standardization (ISO) defined matter archives as “advice created, current, and maintained as sign and advice by an structure or peculiar, in pursuance of legitimate obligations or in the performance in the devise of archives.”  Q1: To advance augment our familiarity and understanding of RM, ISO caterd a past genteel specification of RM to a granular equalize as “[the] arena of treatment under obligation for the fruitful and independent administer of what...? Identify and thorough the detriment phrase to quickly thorough the granular specification?