Need a 2 page double spaced 12 point paper on sociological theories and concepts

  Instructions For this assignment, you achieve exhibit on the unanalogous sociological theories and concepts you erudite in this passage. You achieve use discriminating thinking to evaluate those concepts and apportion them to your production, abode, and/or class animation. You may induce from the readings, videos, lectures, discussions, and assignments to aid you invent your disquisition. Write a two- page exhibition disquisition that addresses the aftercited requirements: Explain how sociological theories and concepts desire your production, abode, and/or class animation and rule your forthcoming literature opportunities. Identify a insufficiency of two unanalogous sociological concepts or theories you erudite from this passage and elucidate how you achieve apportion these sociological concepts or theories to your production, abode, and/or class animation. Use unfair sociological stipulations and concepts from the textbook readings in your disquisition to conduct that you comprehend and can apportion the concepts. Some examples of topics/concepts/theories that you can apportion to your own animation enclose (but are not scant to): sociological imagination sociological perspectives elements of culture breaking norms deviance the role of socialization agents of socialization theories of self social structure roles or condition groups inequality social class gender roles perspectives on aging animation chances race/ethnicity social institutions’ (i.e., extraction, godliness, teaching) role in society social change the environment population dynamics Create citations and a references register for any cited materials. Enclose a heading page, and use 12-point font, inclose spacing, and one-inch margins for your disquisition.