Need a 1,050-Word paper written for my Marketing class. Paper is based on the Sony Playstation! Please read all assignment instructions below carefully and need a SWOT GRAPH as well implemented in the paper. Need Grammar corrected and plagiarism free pape

   Purpose of Assignment  Marketing pur-poses succor coordinate an construction's departments and activities inland a common behoof between the construction and the consumer. Well-behaved cogitation out communicateing pur-poses include twain inner and exterior exploration aimed at knowledge who the customer is, what they viewtiness, and any barriers the posse may combat in discussion customer demands. This exploration and counsel allows the posse to engender hale strategies and realistic goals. Part 1 of this four-part letters team assignment is pur-posened to settle students in the role of a posse communicateing team demonstrating to the CEO and Stakeholders why and how their new work/service should be started. This assignment assesses the posse, the target communicate and work, and identifies implicit obstacles a posse may aspect when deciding to enlarge a new offering obtain be authorized.  Assignment Steps:  Scenario: Your team has been separated by the CEO to control the bud of key communicateing strategies for the communicateing pur-pose for your posse's enlarge of the SONY PLAYSTATION. Your communicateing team's band-arms is to substantiate to the consultation of directors and investors through exploration, management bud, and forced, that this work/service is viable and obtain unite the posse's goals. In this primitive half of the contrivance, you obtain be reputeing to the consultation and CEO environing the target, the work's strengths, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) separation, and the stigma's lie in the competitive environment.   THIS PAPER WILL BE WRITTEN ABOUT THE  SONY PLAYSTATION FOLLOWING ALL ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PAGE. This includes a SWOT GRAPH as expounded in beneath details. Create a stint of 1,050-word repute protection the following: Describe the construction, who are they, what perseverance they act in, their band-arms and appreciates, as well-behaved-behaved as what makes them incongruous from other constructions. Briefly expound your new and sole work/service. How obtain this add appreciate and incongruousiate the stigma and work from the rivalry, suitableness hopeful the target  communicate to buy?   Conduct an environmental view for your posse focusing on which of the five exterior forces the posse is slight to be impacted by and what actions they obtain insufficiency to accept to overpower them. Prepare a SWOT separation using the SWOT graph. Cite a stint of three peer-reviewed sources.   Format your pamphlet accordant after a while APA guidelines.