this assignment is for agreement jurisdiction on Rstudio, and resign in "html". I already browse a rasp as stance, call"sep21..". delight started on that way. I conquer pay accurately what i am declaration , don't add further remunerate. If you can discuss some idea topics approve those statistic problems, I conquer adopt you for crave order. be honestly, be welldisposed. Problem 1  The period "Multiple Straight Retrogression for Lake Ice and Lake Sphere Characteristics" by Gao & Stefan (1999) presents postulates on the utmost ice obesity in mm (Thickness), mean compute of days per year of ice cover (DaysIceCover), mean compute of days the low sphere is underneath 8 degrees centrigrade (DaysLessThan8) and the mean snow profoundness in mm (AvgSnowdepth) for 13 lakes in Minnesota. The postulates are in the rasp iceThickness.csv. Construct a scatterconcoct matrix for the inconstants in this postulates. Describe/discuss the indelicate inconstants of the postulatesset and any reported analogys you may see.  Fit a multiple retrogression example where Obesity is the reply inconstant and the other three inconstants are prophesyors Assess the underlying assumptions for the example you fit in 2. Does the example (collectively) suggestively prophesy the obesity of the ice? (Justify by referencing peculiar output). What percent of the inconstant in ice obesity is illustrateed by the example? (regard peculiar output) Answer the topic: Do lakes delay senior mean snow profoundness incline to enjoy senior or lesser utmost ice obesity?  In harangueing this topic delight illustrate your aspectnale and any limitations/caveats in your reply. Problem 2  The SAT is a standardized academy avenue exam catchn by manifold tall develop learners counter the United States. In regular multiplys, the SAT is a common exam used in academy admissions, opportunity in other multiplys the ACT or other metrics are used for academy admissions. Thus, the percentage of learners gate the SAT varies exceedingly by propound and multiply. The rasp stateSATscores.csv contains mean SAT accounts for each of the 50 propounds in the USA for the year 1997 acrave delay distinct other inconstants (State name; Outlay - outlay per novice in mean daily furniture in social constituent and induced develops; PT.Ratio - the mean novice to tutor aspect in social develops; Remuneration - the estimated mean remuneration of social develop tutors in the propound; PercentSAT - the percentage of learners electing to catch the SAT exam; Verbal - the mean Verbal composite account; Math - the mean Mathematics composite account; and SAT - the mean composite SAT account).  Perform the subjoined delay this postulates: Construct a scatterconcoct where the x-axis it the Percent gate the SAT exam and the y-axis is the mean composite SAT account. Describe the analogy you see. Fit a homely straight retrogression example where the reply is the composite SAT account and the prophesyor is the Percent of learners gate the SAT. Construct residual indication concocts of that fit. What do you mark in the Residuals vs Expert concoct? Create a new inconstant to the postulatesset that is the balance radix of the Percent of Students gate the SAT exam. Fit a multiple retrogression example where the reply is the composite SAT account delay two prophesyors: the percent of learners gate the exam and the balance radix of that percentage (the inconstant you created in multiply 3). Construct residual indication concocts of that fit. What do you mark in the Residuals vs Expert concoct? Determine if the expert example in multiply 4 is a suggestive example to prophesy composite SAT accounts.  (regard peculiar output) What percentage of the variability in composite SAT accounts is illustrateed by the example you fit in multiply 4? (regard peculiar output) We are animated in determining if learner outlays, novice-tutor aspects, and tutor remuneration swing SAT accounts when accounting for the percentage who catch the SAT. Fit a multiple retrogression example where the prophesyor inconstants understand the percent gate the SAT, the balance radix of that percentage (created in multiply 3), the outlays, novice-tutor aspect, and tutor remuneration. Compare/contrast this expert example to that in multiply 4. Do you reach that outlays, novice-tutor aspects or tutor remuneration prophesy SAT accounts unintermittently accounting for the compute of learners gate the SAT exam? Regard peculiar output from the expert example to harangue this topic.