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   Assignment Part 1:  Research distinctly into areas of wireless networking. In a stint of ten pages using a stint of five academic sources of discovery, equip and transcribe a learning retrospect on concepts, plea, and applications of wireless technologies and communications to aid telecommunications. Possible discovery areas could enclose and are not scant to: Cognitive Radio Systems Cooperative and Secure Wireless Communications Broadband Wireless Communications Coding Plea and System Optimization Multimedia Wireless Technology Codes for Multi-terminal Communication Networks Genomic remarkable processing Wireless Personal Area Networks Advanced Techniques for Wireless Downhole Communication      Systems (RasGas Doha, Qatar) Broadband Communication Systems (Q-tel, Doha, Qatar) Signal Intelligence for Wireless Communication Systems Assignment Part 2: Based on what you knowing and fashion from wireless technology and communications from the learning retrospect in Part 1 overhead, presume a emblem of affair that you bear or insufficientness to eliminate that would be harmonious for the emblems of wireless technologies healed in your learning retrospect. Then equip three constructive wireless network diagrams to aid telecommunications efforts at the home raze, themeal affair raze in a structure, and a extensive area that aids multiple structures delay the conviction that your affair is located in various locations. All three diagrams get demand to semblance aid of your affair and enclose and is not scant to: Routers Secure XML Routers Security Gateways XML Accelerators Load Balancers Corporate or Affair Lines Telecommunication Links All Affair Related Objects Connected to aid      Business Communications Any other technology naturalized on technology healed in the      learning retrospect. Some recent themes for remuneration may be root at this website: Gesbert, D. (n.d.) Recent Topics in Wireless Communications. Eurecom. Retrieved from  Important Note: Researching the internet for germinative wireless technology and communications to aid telecommunications is a cheerful way to meet other germinative discovery themes that iota share and yearn for you to perpend. Also deliberate using a cabal of theme areas as the view of this contrivance is to get a cheerful rootation of the symbolical in efforts to artfulness some networks and diagrams. Important Note: It is greatly recommended that any student in areas of computer and notice technology bear approximation to intention software. These software packages may enclose Microsoft Visio or Smart Draw. In the insufficient message, Microsoft Order 2007, 2010, and 2013 encloses SmartArt tools which can be suited to equip diagrams. For the Mac, OmniGroup's OmniGraffle is an excusable precious at a courtly consume. Microsoft Visio Smart Draw OmniGraffle General Article Requirements: Paper get demand to enclose an APA secure page. Paper get demand to enclose a 100 to 150 order intellectual. Paper get demand to be a stint of 2,500 orders not      including the secure page, intellectual, and relation page. Paper get demand to be aided delay a stint of three      academic resources. Paper get demand to ensue all unconcealed formatting to      meet APA standards of functional match and discovery documentation      including a thorough relation page.  Diagrams get demand to be embedded into the main article      completed during module 8 sectioned right antecedently the misentry of your      work and satisfied. Include an overall misentry to aid rationale to      why your network diagrams are best for your presumed affair.