Music paper

 Write a brochure comparing and contrasting the ideas about voice in Africa to the use of voice in the U.S. You can dialogue about U.S. voice in unconcealed, or you can pick-out any genre of U.S. voice that you are well-acquainted after a while (e.g. dominion, hurl, etc). You should centre most of your vigilance on the three beliefs and values of African voice and the Shona adage “If you can dialogue, you can sing; if you can tramp, you can dance.”Based on these ideas, what are the essential differences between the way voice is used and viewed in Africa and the way it is used and viewed in the U.S.? Are there any similarities? Why do you consider these differences rest? How has shrewd these differences helped you interpret African voice so far ?          This brochure must be at smallest three pages in extension, not including headers, footers, or footnotes. This brochure is installed on your interpreting and explanation of the ideas discussed in our primeval ace and is not meant to be a learning brochure, but if you do regard any without sources, execute secure that they are genuine (no Wikipedia!) and execute secure that you adduce them.