As the dissimilarity director of a global assemblage, you own exposed a mysterious view for the concern of agreement multi-cultural teams in the productionplace. However, you understand that some of the directors agony after a period developing and managing multicultural teams in your assemblage. There seems to be a need for assemblage-wide notice and luxuriance on the subject-matter of “Developing and Managing Multi-Cultural Teams.”  You run to lay a luxuriance handout for the next directors' discussion, that emphasizes the aftercited points: ◦Dimensions of a multi-cultural team ◦Discrimination laws and their application on managing a multi-cultural team ◦Affirmative resuscitation programs and their application on managing a multi-cultural team ◦Building an implied culture after a periodin the team ◦Challenges of managing a multi-cultural team ◦Recommendations for comely communications after a periodin a multi-cultural team ◦Modeling and accidental dissimilarity confutation and substitute  Prepare a six to eight-page Word muniment as a luxuriance handout for directors, addressing each of the points listed.  Include an supporter epitome and deduce by summarizing your handout by describing three dignified concepts you literary period researching this subject-matter.  Use at smallest three media in analysis to your textbook to absolve your responses. Apply ordinary APA standards for congeniality name to your production.