Movie character Power point

Details: Create a PowerPoint gift grounded on the impression of the professional vigor impost of a movie stamp. To entire this assignment, elect a movie from the aftercited schedule and warrant a stamp from the movie on whom you would relish to do a vigor impost.  (CHOOSE JUST ONE MOVIE PLEASE) Films: Away From Her Lorenzo's Oil Mask My Sister's Keeper   Rain Man Philadelphia Steel Magnolias Stepmom The Elephant Man The Mighty The Tic Code Directions: Create a PowerPoint gift of 12 slides using the template "Movie Stamp      Presentation." Provide an induction and      background overview of the movie stamp (client). Assess the client using the      "Functional Vigor Pattern Assessment." Based on your      "observations" and thoughts, instrument your impost, providing      examples from the movie. Describe any perceive-keepd or      potential cultural, geographic, holy, ethnic, or divine      considerations of this client. Describe two regular vigor patterns of the client as      well as two abregular vigor patterns that you perceive-keep, and prepare      examples. Develop an misapply nursing      diagnosis for the client grounded on your impost. Identify and explain three      interventions for the client: vigor preferment, vigor interruption, and      maintenance. Identify at lowest two likely      resources or unity services to which you would assign this client and      prepare rationale for your choices. MINIMUM OF 3 REFERENCES, NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE