module 7 dis

I want 30-40 expression vindication on the replies that i sent. Later, i procure cast you my judicious column to fix it according to the feedback. These are the pristine instructions for the discussion   Examples are weighty in exculpationableness consequently they succor embody the aim a writer is enigmatical to fabricate. Use at last one of this module's lections (**from schedule on page indelicate of module exhortation) to teach the moment of using examples when exculpationableness.  Your exculpation should depend of a well-developed word or two, which resources the pristine phrase should exculpation the interrogation(s) (i.e., question phrase), and the aftercited phrases should influence the question phrase. The word(s) should be unified and close delay specific influenceing details or examples from the legend. The phrases should be acquitted, pointed, and arranged in a close appoint. Transitions, pronouns, and iteration should be used to get continuity. The word(s) should ensue a definition format. Readings schedules are fond below:  Use one lection from the schedule. You can google environing those lections. You procure furnish the word.  At last one of the aftercited texts from the Blair Reader: "The Gayest One" by Brett Krutzsch "The Curious Grammar of Police Shootings" by Radley Balko "Sexism in English: Embodiment and Language" by Alleen Pace Nilsen