Module 4 Public Health

  Assignment 2: Business Sinew Project—Presentation of the Planning Process As the top of the Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Vigor Business Sinew in Centervale, you own focused on puerile pregnancy obstruction and the behavioral, cultural, and environmental lavish factors associated after a while this vigor progeny. The business sinew has been reflective after a while your composition, and has continued to own sprightly discourses encircling this progeny. They own agreed that it is season to start the regularity of moving from the disway to the enjoyment mark of the planning regularity. For this assignment, thorough the following: Using the PRECEDE-PROCEED pattern, confirm the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors associated after a while the behavioral determinant of puerile pregnancy that you own previously discussed. Using the template granted, provide a PowerPoint donation to distribute after a while the business sinew. On the last slide, inventory three questions for the business sinew that achieve succor you to disway Phase 5: The Administrative Diagnosis.  our decisive result achieve be a MS PowerPoint donation of approximately 4–6 slides (including constructive speaker’s notes). You should husband at lowest 3 well-informed sources more the way readings in your exploration. Your donation should be written in a open, pointed, and systematic manner; demonstrate immaterial learning in complimentary redonation and attribution of sources; and evidence complimentary spelling, grammar, and punctuation.