Module 04 Course Project – Presenting your Technology Choices

We've literary how big of an custom that technology can be in today's trade environment. Every superior strategic administration sight succeed constitute use of multiple types of technology during implementation. In this assignment, you succeed scarcity to educe a gift for the higher administration at your separated method scheme trade. The gift succeed centre on suggesting two pieces of technology that you handle are indispensable to the implementation of your separated strategic administration sight. This gift succeed be in PowerPoint and requires the chroniclesing of audio. Below is a constructive breakdown of what should be intervening in the gift. Remember that gifts scarcity to occupy the interview through visual and assembly instrument. Use PowerPoint's lineaments to end this. Create a denomination slide. Summarize the sight you are opposed to end and the treasure it succeed induce to the trade. Identify two pieces of technology that you prize are indispensable to you ending your separated strategic administration sight. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each technology? Why is each of these pieces of technology leading to the implementation and dissuasive of your separated sight? Provide examination that supports your technology choices. Cite a reserve of 1 knowing origin. Include a ultimate APA works cited slide. Format the gift so that it's attractive and employs recent formatting lineaments such as templates, transitions, charts, or video. Use the "Audio" lineament beneath the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint to chronicles the audio for the gift. It's leading to be informative suitableness stagnant substance persuasive. Centre on explaining the use of the technology and the treasure that the technology succeed induce to the trade if used uprightly. *A music environing knowing and trustworthy origins: Knowing origins are equal reviewed or published in a recurrent knowing origin, love a journal or a university publisher.