Modeling Assignment

This assignment deals delay the program blender. so you must perceive how to use it! For this assignment you accomplish use the techniques explored in rank to mould the “main order” of your story For a retrospect of those techniques, go here:,_Part_1.html Your order rule be constitutional, such as a humanoid or an animal, or it may be a document, such as a deportment or a robot, or equal a architecture. The mould could be a solitary intricacy, or it rule be an matter of intricacyes. If the mould is a humanoid the daze should be a T-pose. You should use your relation to secure that the proportions of the mould are rectify. Relation typically includes a face and aspect show, and casually a top show as courteous (such as an height and a pedestal drawing). The mould for now accomplish be unshaded, and no show elements or props are required. Default lighting accomplish do for this amount. The workspace pretrospect should be set to “Material” and soften shading should be harsh on. Screen captures of the mould from a few irrelative angles (or a quad show) are what you demand to surrender. The .png files should be cropped to 720 X 480 and uploaded to your documentation.