MN507 Debate Healthcar reform effects – PowerPoint

Debate Assignment :  I am in the oposing plan  MN507-1: Discuss healthcare reconstitute goods on stakeholders. Overview:  In Unit 2 you chose a plan upshot that interests your assemblage.  (TREATMENT OF VETERANS AFTER DEPLOYMENT AND POST TRAUMATIC STRSS DISORDER (PTSD)  For this Assignment your assemblage gain be divided into two, after a while one aspect in permission of the plan veer and the other aspect incongruous to it. You gain product after a while your discuss aspect assemblage constituent to compose an audio introduction that puts forth your aspect’s discussion (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi).   Directions  Your audio introduction discuss should put forth a convincing discussion, for or resisting the plan, domiciled on your elaboration.  Your audio introduction must and address: •What goods gain the plan veer entertain on stakeholders?  •Why, or why not, is this plan essential?  •What are the costs to stakeholders?  •Important upshots and elaboration to buttress your composition.    Details:  •Within your assemblage, frame an evaluation or intellect encircling the plan upshot you entertain selected. Then, after a while your co-debater, compose a convincing discussion, for or resisting the plan, domiciled on your elaboration. Procomposition of Policy: declares that a true plan should or should not be composed.  •Using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi, compose an audio introduction of your discussion (almost 5 slides plus allusion slides-APA formatted).  •Create a duplicate of your audio introduction that gain be submitted to the Dropbox.  •Your introduction should be negotiative in aspect and loudness and ponder contemplative and meaningful collision of the plan discussion. Speak distinctly and convincingly.  •You must enclose a minimum of (5) contrariant read products buttressing your comcomposition in the discuss (each aspect). •Note that this discuss gain be incontemporaneous. There gain be no rebuttal.  •Each aspect of the assemblage gain be gaitd on their product. Both students on a aspect gain entertain the similar gait.  •Submit your introduction and duplicate to the Assignment Dropbox. ** This PPT assignement gain be an audio introduction **