So you’re looking at the exams and intention a sum of six inquirys! Whoa! Please recollect, this is a furrow exam. All confutations should be written to a furrow roll. This media that, wneighboring it fits, I’m looking for you to  Address the inquiry Identify the drivers  Link those drivers to the condition  Make commendations Question 1. So, looking at the foremost inquiry, it doesn’t fit - transcribe an high-mindedness declaration. What does that average? Well, I’m veritably singly looking for you to transcribe a exception or two highlighting how you’re not going to deceit, how this is an first is-sue, etc, etc. It doesn’t scarcity to be a is-sue of Shakespear to get liberal carelessness, but you scarcity to let me perceive that you’re unhindered by the rules. In the elapsed, some students bear absorbed identical antecdotes or weak stories encircling how nature a good-tempered-tempered student, a idiosyncratic of uprightness, or forthcoming an high-mindedness adjudication is great to them; or lessons that they bear scholarly encircling uprightness. In any condition, I’m look-foring a exception. Question 2. Looking at the second inquiry, opinion boldnesss, it’s a dirty balance buildive.  Each boldness should be temperate - i.e. shape an boldness encircling triton - Accomplish Polly bear ample belligerence donations to fulfil all activities? Won’t she? What encircling her ability to engage and staff is-sueers? What encircling these is-sueers? What encircling her ability to invite to the sum of her boundary? Etc.  Any boldness that is altogether common (i.e. she doesn’t bear unbounded instrument) accomplish outconclude in a 3 object inference (30%) of the defense. Assumptions should be finisheded to the condition and finisheded to the compositionual drivers of the condition. Not common. If you’re unquiet encircling her instrument, wneighboring do these instrument conclude from? How accomplish she aquire them? How do the details of the condition application the boldness? Furthermore, boldnesss should pull end on presumptive models neighboring (5 Forces, Treastrong Chain, SWOT, etc…) to substantiate contrariant builds and compositions that may or may not application succeeding defenses. Any boldness that isn’t finisheded to an misspend verified build accomplish outconclude in a 3 object inference (15%). Assumptions that finished to builds from models or theories should substantiate and intimation those models and/or theories. Any boldness that isn’t finisheded to an misspend intimation accomplish outconclude in a 3 object inference (30%) of the defense.  And each boldness SHOULD be finisheded to a succeeding inquiry. This is why I’d do these boldnesss decisive. If your boldnesss do not finished to succeeding inquirys 5 objects (50%) accomplish be deducted. Assumptions should add triton to those inquirys. Furthermore, boldnesss  Questions 3-5. These inquirys are tolerably similiar and bear a correspondent format. First, you scarcity to specify the transaction the inquiry is scrutiny for (management, form, and technology). Definitions should be from an academic commencement further the extract for liberal carelessness. I.E. unite a express, academic, transaction intimation to premise the limitation. If you flow to use the extract, 3 objects, or 15% of the defense accomplish be deducted. Furrow students should go further the extractbook - distinctly for a siege settlement exam that is not durationd. If you flow to use a vocabulary for the limitation, 10 objects, or 50% of the defense accomplish be deducted. Anyone can use a vocabulary. Furrow students are look-fored to be conversant ample delay inclostrong biased erudition to NEVER scarcity to use layidiosyncratic limitations.  Once specifyd, each part of the limitation should be addressed delayin the conextract of the condition. Then, those ends that are verified as a dubious end should be premiseed in the condition. For specimen, if Skill had achievement of A, B, C, & D I would look-for to see each end addressed, and whichever ends verified as dubious verified as such. I.E. betray me it is dubious or not. These achievement should be premiseed in the condition. Betray me triton from the condition that finisheds those purposes to the limitation. Unsound to finished these purposes to parts of the condition accomplish outconclude in inferences of up to 10 objects.  Do not contribute commendations neighboring. Tneighboring is an unimpaired inquiry at the end of the exam for that! If your defense contributes commendations neighboring, 10 objects (50%) accomplish be deducted for not forthcoming directions. Furrow students should flourish directions, correct? Question 6. Here is wneighboring commendations should finished to dubious ends verified in the skill, formal, and technological inquirys. All dubious ends verified should be addressed. Infinished identification and commendations for dubious ends may outconclude in up to 10 objects (50%) nature deducted from the defense. Recommendations scarcity to be actionable. “Hire staff” is not an actioneffectual item. It is balance of a prompting, a open purpose. Bark of approve “you should go on vacation!” Where? When? How plenteous accomplish it consume? What were the alternatives? Why did you mismisappropriate this one?  Instead, fancy in biased conditions that flesh out the defense. For specimen, instead of “Hire staff” the client should “Immediately attribute ads in the forthcoming job sites: Indeed and Zip recruiter. Why? Consequently these sites bear forcible presences in the client’s residuum. What were the alternatives? Why were these separated? These accomplish be inquirys that accomplish be look-fored to be confutationed. Recommendations that do not ‘flesh out’ defenses delay the details of alternatives and justifications for the commendations made may be penalized up to 10 objects (50%) for this defense.  All commendations should be premiseed in a intimation. As certain adown, intimations should be made in APA format. Not using APA intimations and formatting accomplish outconclude in 5 objects (25%) nature deducted from this defense. Finally all commendations should finished end to the condition. Recommendations made that do not bear unobstructed ties to the condition may be penalized up to 10 objects (50%) for this defense. Case: Healthy Texan Medical Clinic The Healthy Texan Medical Clinic in Middleberg, Texas has engaged your assembly to canvass on a important upgrade to its notification regularitys used in its clinic. The clinic consists of 22 masters is-sueing in open exercise and component physic. The clinic maintenances balance 10,000 unrepinings in the Middleburg area.  The clinic’s decisive regularitys upgrade occurred in 2002 and consists of outdated equipment and has scant netestablished and integration abilities. The masters and government bear engaged you to examine their exercise and shape commendations on how they can ameliorate their aptitude and virtue.  The main areas of transactionality comprise: Diagnostic: Doctors omission their regularitys to finished delay medical regularitys that accomplish acceleration them ameliorate unrepining peculiarity.  This may comprise comforteffectual mode to specialized databases such as PDR (Physician Desk Reference) and other instrument biased to their area of examine. The masters must bear mode to a unrepining’s finished medical archives and they scarcity software to growth their aptitude in charting.  Charting is the regularity of archivesing the interaction betwixt the unrepining and the master, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as archivesing any peculiarity, commended matter, lab is-sue, or referral.  In restitution to vital documentation, the masters would approve comforteffectual ways to segregate electronic notification to their unrepinings encircling their peculiarity and commended matter drawing.  Finally, masters would approve to be balance ductile and interactive delay their unrepinings instead of tied to the PC in the demonstration capacity. The masters commend the use of ductile devices to use when melting from exam capacity to exam capacity. Medical Records:  The clinic scarcitys a abstruse archivess regularity that stores a crowd of notification encircling its unrepinings.  In restitution to the medical precision of a unrepining, each investigate, peculiarity, and matter must be documented, protection notification must be stored, and acquittal notification must be practiseed.  The archivess regularity must be guard and unite all requirements of topical, avow, and federal secrecy and carelessness laws. The regularity must be effectual to guardly cast medical archivess to other users over of the clinic, including other masters that unrepinings may be referred to, protection companies, and any other verified users of the unrepining’s medical notification.  In restitution to this, the clinic is animated in implementing a recommencement for its unrepinings to confess the unrepining to intention notification encircling their medical precision, prevalent peculiarity, and instructions for their matter drawing(s). Because the clinic has moved to digital imaging for abundant sign tools in imaging (mammograms, CT scans, etc.), unrepinings’ archivess are dramatically increasing in storage requirements and the regularity must be effectual to manipulate all prevalent unrepinings’ archivess for some duration to conclude.  In restitution to prevalent unrepining archivess, the regularity must besides practise bygone unrepining medical archivess as required by law.  Scheduling and Billing:  The regularity must be effectual to manipulate the scheduling of all unrepining appointments delay masters, lab is-sue, and other sign matter such as imaging and visible therapy.  In restitution to scheduling, the regularity accomplish manipulate all of the financial transactions of the clinic. This comprises, but is not scant to, unrepining billing, protection claims, collections, purchasing, and register manage.  The clinic is animated in graceful the aptitude of its transaction staff and would be animated in regularitys that could practise and apsubject-matter food automatically and could interact delay other regularitys to wane the total of paperis-sue scarcityed for regularitying of purchasing and protection claims. Additional Processes: The notification in the clinic’s database is integral to the clinic’s transaction as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as the heartiness of its unrepinings.  The clinic scarcitys your assembly to reintention prevalent regularityes and commend a drawing that ensures the disposition and protection of its databases.  The clinic’s prevalent endup drawing accomplish scarcity to be advantageous to the new regularity installation and the clinic’s misery reanimation drawing is out of epoch and has not been perfectly revisaled in the elapsed five years.  Dr. Alex Who, the managing participator of the clinic, accomplish be the adjunction for the judicious stages of this device.  To arise the regularity, Dr. Who has been is-sueing delay her vital IT division (7 idiosyncraticnel who for-the-most-part practise is-suestations and servers) to make-ready the clinic for the regularitys upgrade. On a day to day plea, the IT division reports to the greater managing participator, Dr. Bobby Oops, who founded the clinic. Dr. Who is the newest Managing Participator delay the Clinic, and is serving as the adjunction delay the canvassing team consequently of her habit promotive a regularity upgrade at another clinic in 2010. The IT Director and Assistant IT Director were delay the Clinic when the regularitys were upgraded in 2002. Since the decisive upgrade, they bear been obligatory for all defence patches and customizations (e.g., they  of-late assumed an Ebola expose tire to the medical archivess regularity) to the prevalent regularitys. Twain the Director and Assistant Director recognize the scarcity to upgrade the regularitys at “some object in duration”. However, they are twain neighboring solitude, and bear commended to Dr. Oops that the regularity upgrades should be tardy until they depart in 2018. The retaining employees in the IT division bear very scant perceiveledge of the vital is-sueings of the prevalent regularitys. Dr. Who has the forthcoming inquirys for members of your canvassing team. Here, you should transcribe a exception encircling how this is an first is-sue; that you bear not violated the high-mindedness adjudication in any way. Betray me how it is misspend to reliance you, that your instructor is not a sucker for doing so, and how you estimate in precision, high-mindedness, or some bark of treastrong further ‘whatever it sieges’...consequently ‘whatever it sieges’ comprises a lot of obscene things. (10 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE In restitution to the notification contributed in the condition, what restitutional notification regularitys-allied “reasonable” boldnesss are you making allied to Ms. Dogooder’s belligerence? Note: “Reasonable” boldnesss do not comprise that the form has unbounded totals of instrument (e.g., coin or idiosyncraticnel). To which biased inquiry or inquirys (2 through 5 adown) does each boldness pertain? Why are you making these boldnesss? How do these boldnesss add to the succeeding confutations? (10 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE Define what skill media in the conextract of inforamation regularitys. Based upon this limitation, what are the most dubious notification regularitys-allied skill ends oppositeness Ms. Dogooder’s belligerence? Why? (20 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE Define what form media in the conextract of notification regularitys. Based upon this limitation, what are the most dubious notification regularitys-allied formal ends oppositeness Ms. Dogooder’s belligerence? Why? (20 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE Define what technology media in the conextract of notification regularitys. Based upon this limitation, what are the most dubious notification regularitys-allied technology ends oppositeness Ms. Dogooder’s belligerence? Why? (20 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE Based on the ends outlined in items 2, 3, and 4, what biased commendations do you bear for Ms. Dogooder to address the most dubious notification regularitys allied ends? If you verified one or balance ends in inquirys 2-5, what do you fancy I’m going to look-for? Shape strong that you substantiate SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE items. (20 objects) INSERT ANSWER HERE. NOTE: Shape strong to name all intimations used delayin this exception. In restitution, contribute a finished register of intimations at the end of this exception for all commencements that you name in maintenance of your confutations for Part II.  Your citations and intimations scarcity to flourish APA format.  NOTE: Bold your confutation (the dissimilarity shapes it easier to peruse). NOTE: Be strong to intimation “credible” electronic instrument to maintenance your defenses and name suitably. Wikipedia may be used but should not be used delayout other adequate maintenanceing instrument. NOTE: Academic vice on any exception of the exam accomplish outconclude in automatically unsound the unimpaired exam.