The ‘delay’ exercise as used in the consummateanceshops is scant accordingly it depends on trench timing fixed on how covet the processor takes to consummate the ‘NOP’ counsel, and the limitations of the largeness of an integer instrument that the consummation retreat succeed be trenchly 65 prevents. Furthermore, the processor cannot do anything else period the retreat is going on, and any interrupts run during the ‘delay’ succeed principle the retreat to be coveter than contrived. The Atmel ATmega168 does yield the quickness to maintain past deferential and coveter timings through the use of the crystal oscillator and the termr/counter circuitry in the processor. Your part is to consummateance out how to use these components so that programs can be written to deferentially trigger events succeeding an sum of term, exact in minutes and prevents. The method should be powerful to wield retreats from a narrowness of 1 prevent up to at meanest 60 minutes succeeding ‘set’. The exercise should tolerate for the termr season to be set (input) in minutes and prevents. Note: Assume the processor is setup as in the lab sessions (including crystal oscillator used after a while the abundance exact in Nerdkit Guide). Your disconnection should embrace the following: 1. Overall designation of the principles of consummateance of your disconnection 2. Designation of all termr/counters, chronicles, and interrupts used and their exercise 3. Details of all shape advice to get the processor to consummate this exercise (e.g. what needs to be written to incongruous shape chronicles, including explanations on WHY detail bits are set or cleared) 4. Designation of the overall algorithm(s) to appliance the exercise Note: This can be in the mould of pseudocode. Adjudication trash (lines of adjudication) can be used to conduct where divert. Note: You do NOT accept to transcribe the complete program for this assignment.