MGT 599 Module 1 Discussion

***MUST BE AT LEAST 200 WORDS*** Strategic Management: Vision, Mission, and Stakeholders Previous Next Hide Description To arise, gladden still n ess that you are required to support each week (i.e., supporting in Week 1 and Week 2 of Module 1 is a fitness of this continuity). We are going to enjoy discussions on strategic skillful-treatment topics, as they adduce to companies.    For this assignment, we succeed standpoint on General Mills, a multinational buttress manufacturing community: WEEK 1: As you inquiry General Mills, you may neglect to collate and opposition that community after a while the other buttress benefit retailers – such as Kraft Foods, Nestle, Tyson Foods, ConAgra, and Kellogg. Please investigate the General Mills position, and establish the community's band-arms and prospect, as well-behaved-behaved as their main stakeholders (you may demand to explain and/or produce assumptions hither, as all band-arms and prospect statements are not crystal apparent - nor are they regularly perspicuously symmetrical. You should still n ess that the stakeholders aren't merely the shareholders. "Stakeholders" comprise everyone and anyone who is affected by the prosperity or insufficiency of the community).    WEEK 2: In board after a while your peers, awaken how General Mills represents and advances the goals of its stakeholders.    Note: I neglect you to mirror on the above—and I too neglect you to awaken critically though you succeed neglect to canvass the library, some websites, and other instrument. Cite your sources, and do not copy-and-paste esthetic undeviatingly from those instrument. Use plain quotations charily, if at all.