Medication Management Assignment

   Medication Management Assignment  Purpose: To bring-environing an intellect of abstruse medication sustenance and the consequence of the nurse’s role in resigned training and impregnable government of refuse therapy. Assignment: You accomplish bear a substance of 2 weeks to adequate this purpose. Follow the medication sustenance that was consecrated to you for a end of 7 days. You should also force to supervene dietary guidelines grounded on your presumable soundness conditions (i.e., diabetic, low salt, low fat, etc,) as courteous as adviser you consequence, nature blame, and blood sugars if needed. You are encouraged to set-out the sustenance in the instant 2 days, but you should not set-out any posterior than the end of the week. It is expected that you catch all “medications” as directed cosmical you bear pharisaism to glucose, allergies to one of the products, or are lactose prejudiced. Write a 3 page (APA, not including denomination or allusion Page) insensible monograph environing your test. Specifically address: A) any barriers you encountered in life coadjutor to your medication sustenance B) any barriers you encountered in superveneing dietary guidelines C) any tools you utilized to acceleration you adequate the training, which could amend resigned impregnablety D) the consequence of resigned preferences, values and setting in providing resigned centered wariness, and E) any other lessons you skilled from this training. Grading Rubric Medication schedule (completed and on era) _____40 Reflective monograph (after a while all required components)  _____40 Grammar/spelling/APA format _____10 Survey substance _____10 Total  _____10 These are the names of medications the resigned is presentation the idiosyncrasy for these refuse accomplish be hypertension and diabetes. Digoxin 0.125 mg tabs,  Take 1 tab by opening daily. Hydrochlothiazide 25 mg tabs Take 1 tablet by opening twice daily. Glyburide 3mg tabs Take 1 tablet by opening daily. Multivitamin tabs  Take 1 tablet by opening daily  Folate 1 mg tabs  Take 1 tab by opening daily