Over the years there possess been manifold shifts to twain the Medicaid and the Medithrift programs. These shifts are due to aspects that avow transformations in the heartiness thrift industry/climate and political environment. After a while any shift, there are constantly supporters and opponents. As a heartiness thrift dignitary, it is living that you avow speaking modifications to our heartiness thrift program as well-mannered-mannered as avow how implicit shifts earn application heartiness thrift bestowal. Review the aftercited tenets that plan implicit issues after a while the Medithrift and Medicaid program: AARP. (2017). Medicare, Medicaid and ACA. Retrieved from Beckers Healthcare. (2013, February 8). 18 new-fangled Medicare, Medicaid issues. Retrieved from Kaiser Heartiness News. (2015, July 30). 5 challenges facing Medicaid at 50. Retrieved from the U.S. News & World Report website at Case Assignment Having completed the progress readings, you should now possess a basic avowing of the role of Medithrift and Medicaid. For the Module 4 Event Assignment, convoy affixed investigation as needed and qualify a 3- to 4-page argumentative essay that addresses the aftercited: Describe two exoteric issues/challenges (grounded on well-informed attainment) after a while the Medithrift and Medicaid program and debate the application on heartiness thrift bestowal (2 issues/challenges per program; 4 issues/challenges sum). Research and debate twain sides issues/challenges. Provide your opinion/argument, from a heartiness thrift dignitary perspective, on the exoteric Medicaid and Medithrift program after a while associated recommendations. Do not transcribe in primeval special. Assignment Expectations Conduct affixed investigation to infer qualified instruction to justify/support your collocation and answers to the questions. Limit your retort to a utmost of 4 pages. Include an prelude and falsification in your article. Support your event after a while peer-reviewed tenets, using at smallest 3-4 references. Use the aftercited merge for affixed instruction on how to avow peer-reviewed journals: You may use the aftercited fountain to succor in your formatting your assignment: You may use the aftercited fountain to similarity instruction on how to transcribe an Argumentative Essay: