Medical Linguistics and Anatomy

Discussion board  You are invited to a friend's scion for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, your friend's father complains of "heartburn," proverb his left arm is tingling and he handles incomprehensive of inhalation. You are moderately unfailing he's having a core onset and confide he wheedle 911. He says, "No, it accomplish go afar in a tiny. I orderly ate too fur." Do you override his wishes and wheedle 911 anyway? What do you do? Please enclose the spectry of the peculiar or investigation to which you are replying in the material row. For model, "Tom's counterpart to Susan's interpret." ALSO PLEASE RESPOND TO ANOTHER STUDENT COMMENT BELOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ I would override his wishes and wheedle 911. All of his marks are signs of a core onset. If he simply had coreburn I wouldn’t disquiet but consequently he has coreburn along after a while a tingling in his arm and incomprehensiveness of inhalation I would affect it was a core onset. A core onset is solemn and the span he has to get to the hospital could be condition or decease. I accomplish say I was after a while my dowager when she had a core onset and she never felt trouble or disquiet in her arm. She felt sickening and weary at foremost then, she afloat to handle presunfailing in her chest. She said it felt love an elephant was sitting on her chest. Signs and marks of a core onset may contend from peculiar to peculiar. When one mark of a core onset is followed by others then it’s best to exhibit it’s a core onset and endeavor medical watchfulness to be sure. In this fact, I can simply exhibit the guy may be mad at foremost that I didn’t i-elation his wishes but I imagine he would gladden me later.