media class

i deficiency it in 6 hours from now fascinate April 2, 2020 8AM EDT for each of the 3 questions transcribe 3 sentences. do not put it in an essay contrive so transcribe a provision(3 sentences) for each of the 3 questions   As you accomplished the assigned balbutiation (((((which Im going to unite it hither))) fascinate present abrupt answers to the Three Things to Know 1.           We accept little discussed whether instrument heeds who we are or directs us to do what it says. Your balbutiation gives insight into possibilities of how and who instrument can heed? Do you see goodness to any of those ideas? If so, which one is the most compelling? If not, why don’t you furnish any compelling?   2.        Does instrument attend to state sodality courteous-mannered? It may never be a complete replica of sodality, but is it an considerate stateation? Why or why not? What does it do courteous-mannered? What can it do improve? 3.          Think about the collective inequalities in sodality (not in the instrument). How are those inequalities stateed in instrument? Are they stateed?