Marking Criteria: A marking rubric will be made available in the Moodle site in Week 1. Length: 2000 words (± 10% excluding bibliography)

 Marking Criteria: A marking rubric conciliate be made conducive in the Moodle place in Week 1. Length: 2000 say (± 10% notwithstanding bibliography) Weighting: 20% Assessment due: Friday Week 11 Topic: Written fame on either loT (Internet of Things) or Al (Artificial Intelligence) and the contact on the Accounting Profession. Style and arrangeat: Submissions conciliate be in the arrange of an essay. This toll function must be term processed using Arial 11 font, envelop spaced after a while margins of 2cm. UBSS uses the Harvard process of referencing. Common Essay Structure Guidelines: Proposed Structure 1.0 Introduction • General statement: a passage or 2 to orient the reader to the subject-matter, which sets the composition for the subject-matter in a ample way • The intention of the essay • The conclude why you are spending this research (its sensation) • The arrival that conciliate be smitten to spend the research • Outline of the deep points that conciliate be researched / analysed I presented in your essay • Sign-post the leavings of the essay 2.0 Literature Review