Marketing Strategy

   Questions No.1 Suppose you are the fruit overseer binding for General Electric’s row of trifles compactors. After numerous years, the fruit has yet to reach response by numerous consumers. Use the evacuation of novelty scheme discussed in the extract to interpret why trifles compactors accept achieved such faulty negotiate observation. What does this indicate about the pattern of the interval of the trifles compactor’s life-cycle flexion? What actions authority you regard initiative to growth the negotiate observation for this fruit? Questions No. 2 Can negotiate segmentation be enthralled too far? What are the undeveloped disadvantages of oversegmenting a negotiate? What diplomacy authority a decided continue when it believes that the negotiate has been gentle into too numerous weak segments? Questions No. 3 Should positioning be fixed on fruit features or benefits? Why? Under what requisite should features be the centre of an advertising engagement?  Questions No. 4 In provisions of positioning diplomacy, what is the rationale for the truth that Nabisco offers numerous contrariant brands amid the cracker condition, each of which is perceived as life solely partially contrariant from the others? What are the advantages and limitations of such a diplomacy?