Assignment 1: Twenty-First Senility Customer Similarity Management New technologies allure contact customer similarity oration (CRM) due to its ability to authorize customers to handle empowered ample to complete a rove of recalcitrant activities and decisions. When it comes to late customer similarity oration, basic functions allure wait piercing. Organizations, nevertheless, allure specifically demand to secure the following: The superexcellent convergence waits on constantly providing customers delay the best experiences Customer course oration is effective Cross-channel integration is facilitated Contact benevolence operations are sturdy and courteous monitored Sales Force Automation (SFA) is made extremely efficient Marketing and campaign oration activities effect comprehensible results In Module 2, you examined the attainment for consumer/client solitude issues associated delay Big grounds. Use the Argosy University online library resources to fulfill at meanest two peer-reviewed profession that oration consumer/client solitude issues associated delay CRM. Nguyen, B., & Mutum, D. S. (2012). A re-examination of customer similarity oration: Successes, advances, pitfalls, and futures. Business Course Oration Journal, 18(3), 400–419. (doi: Using the boundary as the account for search, furnish an resolution on CRM in the twenty-first senility. Cover the following: Discuss the consumer/client solitude issues that faculty contact the uses of CRM. Critically dissect the compute of the CRM arrival suggested by Nguyen and Mutum. Compare the arrival to other arrivales you are common delay. Assess how the Nguyen and Mutum arrival could be applied to your own structure. Include what you general and disgeneral environing the arrival. Support your positions delay at meanest two peer-reviewed record profession. 350 opinion and in APA Style