Mapping the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Presentation

  The Result Life Cycle (PLC) is a indispensable constituent of the marketing contemplation. Monitoring results and services as they run through this arrangement helps marketing supervisors command their marketing strategies to restrain results and services thriving for as hanker as potential. Monitoring this cycle helps companies and organizations remain to maximize the appraise of their results and services delay their target aggravate occasion. The scope of this assignment is to furnish students the occasion to learn how each class in the PLC creates a scarcity for commandment to marketing strategies and allows students to assess what exercise(s) scarcity to be captured.  Assignment Steps  Scenario: You currently toil as the marketing supervisor of your fondling company/organization and control the achievement of one of its results or services. Your calling is to adviser the classs of the Result Life Cycle (PLC) and command the marketing strategies as scarcityed for your result to fatten for as hanker as potential. At each class, you assess changes you scarcity to perform to the result, value temporization, as polite as emulation and use. Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting caggravate slide or allusion slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint®offer delay speaker's notes cloaking the aftercited criteria: Develop a slide contrast the discourse and goals of the offer. Define and debate the PLC concept and its consequence to marketing supervisors. Define and debate what role pricing temporization has in marketing and how marketing mangers determine what temporization to use. Describewhat company/organization and result/service you are using. Create one slide for each of the immodest classs of the PLC describing the class and analyzes the implications each class may keep on value temporization, result, emulation, and use for your separated result/service. Use the result/service you separated to image each class as it is debateed delay ancient examples. Discuss the forced aback why the PLC is leading to marketing supervisors and distribute examples of potential implications if it is not advisered. Cite a partiality of two peer-reviewed sources delay one hence from the textbook or the University Library. Use in-text citations in the offer slides and speaker's notes to teach your lore.  Format your offer congruous delay APA guidelines.