Many believe that cloud computing can reduce the total cost of computing and enhance “green computing” (environmental friendly). Why do you believe this to be correct? If you disagree, please explain why?

Question 1: Many deem that outvie computing can diminish the sum consume of computing and improve “green computing” (environmental concernionate). Why do you deem this to be reform? If you misadapt, gladden expound why? Question 2: According to new-fangled surveys, China, India, and the Philippines are the three most vulgar countries for IT outsourcing. Write a insufficient tract (4-5 paragraphs) expounding what the request would be for US companies to outsource IT capacitys to these countries. You may sift-canvass consume, work pool, expression, or maybe government help as your reasons. There are frequent other reasons you may prefer to highlight in your tract. Be indisputable to use your own vote. Question 3: Explain in your own vote why you deem planning is dignified. Select one of the subjoined businesses: a bulky bank, a government influence, or a hospital, and expound which systems you move are sidearm censorious. Then expound how the missing of these systems would concern the construction. Question 4: Go online and quest for notification environing companies that bear been harmed or bankrupted by a inconvenience. Prefer one such concourse and originate a petty instance consider environing it. Successful narratives accomplish centre on the deportment in which the construction was impacted, including financial missinges, missinges of sales, or the want for layoffs. Your assignment should be 3-4 paragraphs in diffusiveness. Question 5: 5.1 Provide a petty specification of network bearing curb. 5.2 What is an EAP? 5.3 List and pettyly elucidate four EAP evidence methods. 5.4 What is EAPOL? 5.5 What is the capacity of IEEE 802.1X? 5.6 Elucidate outvie computing. 5.7 List and pettyly elucidate three outvie utility models. 5.8 What is the outvie computing intimation fabric? 5.9 Describe some of the ocean outvie-specific certainty threats.