Manufacturing Decisions

  Question 1. ABC Manufacturing is unsure of the creative expense to plead for one of their consequences, a interrogate. ABC's principal has asked you to do a shiver flush segregation for the interrogate, and to commend the optimal expense. The unwandering costs (FC) associated delay manufacturing this detail consequence are $100,000, and the inconstant costs (VC) are $50 per ace. ABC's principal is owing a retailing expense (P) for this consequence of $100. The principal wants to comprehend how abundant aces own to be sold in prescribe to shiver flush (BEU). Analyze this operations administration upshot.   Question 2. ABC's principal believes there is material two-of-a-trade for this mark of interrogate, and that expense is a telling factor in immanent customer's acquisition sentence. He estimates that the assembly obtain retail 3,600 interrogates (ace magnitude or UV) if they are expensed at $100, and obtain retail 2,900 interrogates if they are expensed at $110. He wants to comprehend what assistance to benefit-service (CP) would end from each of those two retailing expenses, and thus which is the improve expense. Analyze this operations administration upshot.   Question 3. Another upshot ABC is confrontment is reliability of their consequences, in allot owing they are manufacturing increasingly intricate consequences. One such consequence is intended and assumed delay five irrelative subassemblies collectively in sequence. It was fixed through testing that those subassemblies own reliabilities, which are R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5; of .997, .998, .995, .999, and .990, relatively (attribute to the Question 3 Flowchart). ABC's principal has asked you what the reliability of the overall consequence (RP) is, loving those subassembly reliabilities utilized in sequence. Analyze this operations administration upshot.   ABC's principal has to-boot asked you what the overall reliability of a irrelative consequence (RP) is. That consequence has lewd subcomponents (SC1, SC2, SC3, and SC4). The components are arranged as SC1, followed by SC2 in equidistant delay SC3, which are then twain followed by SC4 (attribute to the Question 4 Diagram). Their relative reliabilities are SC1R=.97, SC2R=.98, SC3R=.95, and SC4R=.93. Analyze this operations administration upshot.   ABC Manufacturing is to-boot uneasy environing the virtue of its manufacturing arrangementes. One of the consequences the assembly retails is a bottle of flowing lubricant associated delay the interrogate consequence course. ABC's principal is frank delay the operations administration concept of moderate limits (determining an preferable and inferior numerical preface such that a arrangement is considered in moderate as crave as it stays delayin those limits).   Analyze this operations administration upshot. THESE ANSWERS ONLY HAVE TO BE A COUPLE SENTENCES LONG!!!!!!!