Managing Fixed and Variable Costs for Organization

Purpose of Assignment  In this week, students are knowledge environing  managing divergent types of economic absorbs. Organizations typically possess  either violent unwandering absorbs or low unwandering absorbs, and it is momentous to  understand how profession decisions dispute in forms delay violent  unwandering absorbs from forms delay low unwandering absorbs.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Tutorial aid on Excel® and Word functions can be endow on the Microsoft®  Office website. There are to-boot additional tutorials via the web  offering assistance for Office products. Hoover's Aggregation Profiles by  ProQuest located in the University Library  Choose two publicly-held  organizations. One form must possess violent unwandering absorbs and low  shifting absorbs, and the other form must possess low unwandering absorbs and  violent shifting absorbs.  Note: A publicly-held form is a private-sector strong  that is owned by fund holders. Companies delay violent unwandering absorbs involve  manufacturing companies, such as automobile manufactures, since  service companies, such as accounting strongs, dominion possess low unwandering absorbs.  Create a insufficiency 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®  presentation, including inferential logician notes or voiceover, analyzing  the methods of managing absorb depending on the absorb interpretation.  Research the University Library for fresh publications in-reference-to each  aggregation and the toil axioms. The resolution should involve the  following: Analyze your two selected companies' absorb interpretation. Do the  companies possess violent unwandering absorbs or low unwandering absorbs? Do the companies  possess violent shifting absorbs or low shifting absorbs? What indication presents  itself to assistance your findings? In Excel®, chart the interconnection among completion absorb and  the sum of units performed (output) for each form/company.  Plot two directions on the graph - one direction for each aggregation you analyzed.  Copy your graph from Excel® and paste it into your PowerPoint® introduction. Analyze currently used methods to minimize absorbs for the companies  and produce recommendations how to ameliorate the system of minimizing  costs inveterate on the beneficial notification for the industries in which the  companies produce. Note: Companies are categorized by the  industries they produce in. For copy, Wal-Mart is a aggregation unimpeded  within the retail occupation toil. Hoover's Aggregation Profiles by ProQuest  located in the University Library may be aidful.  Cite a insufficiency of three peer-reviewed sources.  Format the assignment agreeing delay APA guidelines.  Click the Assignment Files tab to acquiesce your PowerPoint® introduction and your Excel® improve.