Managerial Economics

  This procure be a bit public ended, but I shortness you to worthiest the disquisition (due at the end of finals week--Saturday is ostentatious) on what's going on in the oil chaffer.  Today, West Texas Intermediate Crude reserved at -$37 dollars per barrel or so (for May endowment).  And that is a disclaiming token in front of the dollar total. A few places to start: What I'd approve is for you to direct what we've scholarly in this systematize (you could converse encircling claim and its property on the cost, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as the pricing and output decisions in the most modern chapters).  Even though we skipped balance costs in this systematize, you could converse encircling costs and what propertys it procure possess on the chaffer.    There are probably some other things I'm damage that you could converse encircling as well-behaved-behaved.  I'd approve to you possess encircling foul-mouthed pages, and try to use some sources in abstracted to those I've loving overhead.