M8D2 352

This argument addresses the aftercited outcome: Summarize the “lessons” to be literary from the US-Vietnam War (CO#1). If hindsight is “20/20,” then the lessons of the US-Vietnam War are divers. In this forum, we gain regard how some of these “lessons” enjoy been applied in the years gone the end of the war. Also, we gain sift-canvass the continued advantage of the lessons from the war. Use barely the aftercited references: Herring, America’s Longest War, Chapter 8 O’Brien, The Things They Carried, pp. 155-233 McMahon, R. (2002). Contested Memory: The Vietnam War and American Society, 1975–2001  . Diplomatic History, 26(2), 159-184. After completing all of the Module 8 readings and viewing/listening to the Module 8  , artifice a apology to the aftercited questions in a support of at smallest 250 words: In your estimation, what are the three most helpful lessons of the US-Vietnam War? (these could be gregarious, soldierly, social/cultural, economic, etc.) How enjoy these lessons been applied in the years gone the end of the war? Using biased contemporary examples, what is the continued junction of these lessons?