Included all assignments executed so far for this Nursing Dissertation and subject-matter... Assignment 2: Draw of Terminal Project In this assignment, you gain raise upon the assignment completed in M1 Assignment 3. This assignment is a 5- to 7-page draw of your terminal contemplation, which is due in Module 5. You gain insufficiency to set-on-foot developing some of the key components of that Nursing Dissertation. You gain insufficiency to elevate furbish, add succeeding to, and burnish this draw in appoint for it to as the terminal requirements in Module 5, which is a 10- to 15-page terminal draw. This draw gain insufficiency to be in APA format, which apprehends a style page and a allusion page; still, no intellectual is insufficiencyed. On the allusion page, content apprehend a inventory of the ten sources you contemplation to use in the terminal draw, although you may not insufficiency to use all of them for this draw. For this assignment, you gain insufficiency to apprehend a diminutive tabulation of what you gain prepare on in the terminal draw and: Describe your chosen wrong manner. Discuss the etiology theories discussed in Module 2 as they pertain to your chosen wrong manner. Describe bearing stoppage, intrusion, and tenor biased to your wrong manner. List at smallest ten knowing sources on your allusion page that you contemplation to husband in your terminal draw. Submission Details: By the due age assigned, preserve your noise as M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and yield it to the Submissions Area. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsSubmitted a logically drawed noise, including the forthcoming components: Description of wrong manner Discussion of etiology theories Discussion of stoppage, intrusion, and tenor implications Ten knowing sources