Content Requirements: Choose one pop-culture philanthropist, superphilanthropist or ruffian, and confirm one immaterial upshot this type typically has to ornaments. Then expound how your pop type susceptibility explain the selfselfsame immaterial upshot from at last 6 incongruous immaterial theories we possess adept thus far. Make secure your immaterial upshot or collection is perplexed sufficient for you to adduce each immaterial supposition and to avow sufficient elaborate partition of the upshot.Be secure to pull upon six of the nine theories we possess adept thus far: Relativism Virtue Ethics Utilitarianism (Consequentialism, Teleology) Kantian Ethics (Deontology) Feminist Ethics Care Ethics Egoism Nihilism Postmodernism Imagine and involve what susceptibility be the actions, thoughts, or control the superphilanthropist could accomplish or extreme from each point immaterial pattern. Integral slide should possess a biased repeat from the philanthropist/heroine and an explication of how this relates to the identical supposition. What susceptibility be the consequences or aftermath of acting from each point pattern for your separated pop type? Don’t overlook to involve this, parallel delay a difference of matchless and colorful graphics for each slide. Citations and References: You should possess citations on integral slide (Author, Date) for the determination of each supposition, for your repeats, and to-boot a intimation slide at the end. For development, you susceptibility select the subject-matter of whether a superwomen should assassinate ruffians. We had discussed in Module 2 how most superheroes/heroines are deontologists, and closely never opt to tame their intellectual edict, inconsiderate of the consequences.  In the droll quantity relation of Wonder Woman, although she is usually a deontologist, she does assassinate the ruffian Max Lord, essentially undermining the chaste superhero/heroine advent of barely apprehending a ruffian. You would then confirm 6 incongruous immaterial theories and stir how the upshot of assassinateing ruffians would enact out attached each supposition. Writing and Presentation Reminders: Create a restriction of a ten-slide PowerPoint delay colorful graphics and easy-to-read font on each slide. Logically dispose your ideas (you should foremost confirm how the type typically responds to the upshot and what immaterial supposition typically dominates this type’s reactions. Ensecure that the partition and name of each of the diverse immaterial theories are complimentary. Include one plain, solid quotation from each our readings for each of the incongruous immaterial theories you’re expounding. Be secure to involve an APA intimation page at the end.