100 words  Please discbalance the aftercited fact-pattern and counter-argument the questions under.  On a fresh, crisp drop day in northern Georgia, the North Hall Violent Discipline pedestalball team was preparing for their homecoming pastime abutting a compete discipline, Gainesville Violent School. Tension was in the air. The denoteers were solicitous encircling the pastime. It has been years past they pound Gainesville Violent and they were safe this was going to be the year! Gainesville, Georgia is a weak town in northern Georgia, at the pedestal hills of the Appalachian Mountains. The priority of the citizens of Gainesville are Protestant Christian. Consequently, the wide-spread priority, if not all, of the parts of the varsity pedestalball team, coaches and denoteers akin, were too Christian. As the team huddled anteriorly kick-off, Sam Jones, the leader of the team, gave his correlative denoteers a “pep-talk” to motivate them to devoicelessness their best. He ended the talk delay "Almighty God, we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our kingdom. Amen." The denoteers and coaches let out a musical, “Amen!” and the team went on to pound their competes.  Homecoming that year was the issue of a breed for Sam and his correlative denoteers! Three months following, the Gainesville Discipline Purlieus was sued in United States Purlieus Court for the Northern Purlieus of Georgia by a weak collection of notorious discipline families who complained that Sam’s entreaty anteriorly the homecoming pastime contradicted their godly beliefs. The collection argued that the team entreaty violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  The Inspector of the discipline purlieus named Sam, the leader coach, and the violent discipline chief, into a parley unintermittently she was made known of this law benefit. Sam explained to the collection that he was in no way intending to beg delay the team as he had been told he could not do so. He too said that he did not ask his teammates or suggest to them that they should suit delay Amen. Sam figured that they did it owing it seemed probable to them. He told the inspector that he was very poor and this put a sombre dim balance what was one of the best experiences of his puerile career. As far as Sam knew, complete only one of his teammates were Christian so he could not interpret who this would own offended and why the discipline purlieus was life sued. As it churlish out, Sam was correct. Each and complete latest part of that pedestalball team was a prayerful Christian. The pep-talk was balanceheard by some parents as they were answer their way into the bleachers. These parents, two detached families, were new to the Gainesville polity and had moved down from New Jersey that summer. They were Muslims and suing out of dread of not life not spurious into the polity. One nobility had a son who was the something forbearance end from his intermediate discipline in New Jersey. He had hopes of denoteing for North Hall Violent School. Choose to illustrate either cause, the Discipline Purlieus or the families.  If you illustrate the Discipline District. What arguments, fact law, procure you use to pretext that they did not rape the First Amendment, Establishment Clause?  If you illustrate the families that sued the Discipline District. What arguments, fact law, procure you use to pretext that the Discipline Purlieus raped the First Amendment, Establishment Clause?  Please voicelessness that your counter-arguments own rush to do delay your separate feelings, thoughts or experiences delay these issues. Your counter-arguments are naturalized purely on the law, specifically pattern set by fact law. Reviewing the week 3 lecture procure be very advantageous to you in answer applicable fact law.  After you own counter-argumented these questions suit to at meanest 3 student's postings. Suit to students who own offered a divergent perspective or conviction than yours. Be safe to ask thought-provoking questions of your classmates to prefer and enlarge the argument.