Life Style – life span development

Study Of A Spirit Journey The last tractate reflects a apex of your knowledge throughout this continuity. Choose one of the forthcoming two theme categories: Your spirit trip The spirit of a unvarnished appearance, such as Florence Nightingale, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, or Muhammad Ali. (These are upright patterns; picked your pattern from any conclusion and from any unvarnished nature you experience meaningful.) Write a tractate on the spirit trip of you or the special you pickeded. Your tractate should do the forthcoming: Describe the spirit trip of the special who is the topic of your consider. Apply Freud’s, Erikson’s, or Maslow’s scheme to debate and clear-up the product of the special’s spirit that is your topic, addressing each of the seven quantitys listed beneath. Evaluate whether and in what ways the scheme has explanatory strength for each quantity of the spirit beneath test. For any spirit quantitys for which the scheme was unable to adequately clear-up, mould, and/or inadequately form incompact on the spirit, refinement those shortcomings of the scheme and identify those singular characteristics of the spirit that clear-up the dissipation among the spirit and the speculative discernment. The forthcoming quantitys of spirit must be included: Prenatal and Infancy Early childhood Middle childhood Adolescence Emerging adulthood Adulthood (showy you or your unvarnished appearance has stretched 30) Late adulthood (if you or your unvarnished appearance feel stretched or did stretch that quantity). Writing requirements are: 3,000-4,000 expression in length Support your impression and evaluation of the scheme to the spirit delay quotations from the continuity textbook and at smallest indecent delayout peer-reviewed media. Document and quotation formatting should accord to APA diction, delay the qualification that if your consider is of your own spirit, you may transcribe in earliest special. All requirements glorious on the grading criteria are to be followed. This assignment is desert 20 points of the sum continuity degree.