Lean Safety Management and Sustainability

THE FOLLOWING BOOK MUST BE USED AS A REFERENCE: Hafey, R. B. (2010). Anatomical protection: Transforming your protection culture delay anatomical conduct. New York, NY: CRC Press. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS AND COMPLETE THE PROJECT BELOW FIGURE FOR PROJECT IS LOCATED IN ABOVE BOOK! 1) Recount the singularity traits and singular interaction skills that perform an worthy anatomical thinker. Your repartee should be at lowest 150 suffrage in tediousness. 2) Recount the five elements of 5S. Include an in for each of the five elements. Your repartee should be at lowest 200 suffrage in tediousness. 3) Outline and examine indecent characteristics of adult learners, and expound why these characteristics are main to a protection functional conducting anatomical luxuriance. Your repartee should be at lowest 200 suffrage in tediousness. Unit II Project  5S Standardizing Plan  Using Figure 4.1b “Standardize intent B: Areas delay possessors, jobs, and frequencies” on page 32 of your textbook as a regulate, originate a 5S standardized intent for your employmentplace or home. Include at lowest the subjoined in your project:   Briefly recount the adroitness and the image of disembodiment or employment occurring.    Identify indecent possessors.   Assign two jobs per possessor.   Include season intervals (i.e., frequencies) for each job.