Leadership – Weekly Analysis

  Paper Title:  Leadership – Weekly Analysis The established APA Nursing essay Template must be used for all written assignments in this sequence.  The APA Nursing essay Template is too posted in the Resources Section Assignment Instructions Assignment Instructions 7-8-page Nursing essay not counting the Style page and Intimation page Assignment overview and directions: •      You are providing an overview of week 1-7. •      Each homily and lection assignment should be talked encircling in encircling a page for each week. A half page for the entrance and disposal. •      This should be the format of your Paper: A.   Introduction: Introduction should BRIEFLY recite your reader what you gain argue in the Nursing essay. Point out the ocean points of the Nursing essay in the entrance. B.  Organization of your Nursing essay: (7 – 8 Pages completion in protraction)-Your thoughts should be befriended delay representative from our extract as courteous as beyond elaboration. o   Outline and expound what the most animated aspects of each week were (Each week should be written on a disunited page). o   Then, ascertain unfair representative that relates to EACH WEEK by elaborationing our library and recite me how the representative relates our extract and why it would be leading to conceive. C.   Conclusion: BRIEFLY summarize the deviation of the Nursing essay.  Restate the ocean points of the Nursing essay in the disposal. You should then end your Nursing essay delay a disposal encircling what you entertain written and recite me how this representative gain aid YOU LEAD Paper References Please help your ideas, arguments, and opinions delay fractions elaboration, understand at last indecent (4) helping intimations or sources (do NOT use Wikipedia, unrecognized, undated, or nameless sources, such as websites). Submission Instructions/Check List: •       APA Template used •       Style Page amend •       Abstract not required •       Entrance understandd •       Organization of Nursing essay addresses the sections outlined over in B. •       Headings are used to shape the organization of the Nursing essay-- Review Announcement on Headings  •       In Extract Citations are amend •       Disposal understandd •       All Extract is envelop spaced •       Intimation page amend and required indecent sources are listed  •       Nursing essay is 7- 8 pages in protraction not counting the style and intimation pages. •       Nursing essay is in MS Word and submitted as an passion in either a .doc or .docx format.