Leadership style and traits paper

 Requirement: Using the conditions, concepts, and theories versed in this conduct, transcribe a 5 to 7 page (Times New Roman 12 font after a while double-spaced lines) commencement essay defining your commencement philosophy after a while one or more of the commencement theories we bear premeditated.  The whole expression enumerate (not enumerateing the allusion page and the denomination page) should be at meanest 1750 expressions.  Papers after a while fewer than 1750 expressions gain bear expense for noncommunication of full.  Quotes should be scant and if essential, adduced right.   No unembodied is essential.  Include a absolved and neat initiatory section or two.  In this image of tract and unembodied is not required.  Use the APA Phraseology to adduce your allusions and to schedule your allusions on a allusion page. Your essay gain address these questions: A. What commencement copy, phraseology, or doctrine best describes you as a director?  Why? Give examples using the conditions and concepts in your textbook. 1) Skills Approach 2) Situational Approach 3) Behavioral Approach 4) Trait Approach 5) Psychodynamic Approach B. What are your most distinguishing commencement traits? What traits do you aim to imbibe to unfold? C. As a retainer, what commencement bearing do you further from your director? D. What commencement copy or doctrine best describes how you rule others? Give examples. E. Based on your self-assessments, your prevalent commencement and motivational skills, and the attainments you bear gained from consider the conduct materials, what goals gain you set and what scheme of operation gain you appliance to mend your (1) commencement and (2) motivation? Include the image of commencement doctrine or copy you purpose to appliance to conclude your goals. F. Explain the steps you want to obtain?} to entire each of these self-improvement goals?