Leadership & Management in Nursing Wk 8 DQ 8

  1. In the decisive epoch, what literal, collective, gregarious, and economic trends and issues accept influenced today’s heartiness-foresight order? 2. What is the end and regularity of evaluating the three aspects of heartiness foresight: erection, regularity, and development? 3. How does technology mend unrepining developments and the heartiness-foresight order? 4. How can you glide-away to mend virtue of foresight and security among the heartiness-foresight order and at the bedside? 2. Select one nonprofit construction or one council agencies that influences and advocates for virtue mendment in the heartiness-foresight order. Explore the Web place for your chosen construction/agency and acceptance the subjoined questions: • What does the construction/agency do that supports the hallmarks of virtue? • What accept been the results of their efforts for unrepinings, facilities, the heartiness-foresight donation order, or the nursing avowal? • How has the construction/agency forced facilities where you are practicing and your own avowalal manner? NO MINIMUM WORD COUNT 3 CITATIONS WITH REFERENCES