Lab 5 of 7: Package Diagrams

  Lab Overview Scenario/Summary Your anatomy view of the SRS scheme went well-behaved-behaved and your team feels cheerful encircling their Functional, Structural, and Behavioral models. You as-well discussed the product of your anatomy delay the School of Prosperity (SoP) administration and they appear to be in cord delay your anatomy models. Now is the opportunity to set-on-foot the delineation view where you propagate biased directions for the implementation of the adjustification by the software fruit collection. The primeval step in the delineation view is to scrutinize the SRS adjust diagram and to try to facilitate its structure using a bundle diagram. The bundle diagram ensures that adjustes that befit conjointly are collectioned into a unmarried bundle and thus facilitate the fruit of these adjustes and their defence. Your deliverable this week is to propagate a bundle diagram for the SRS adjustification. Deliverables SRS bundle diagram. Verification and validation of your is-sue. Explanation of your is-sue. Name of each constituent of your team and how they participated.  STEP 2: Propagate the Detailed Bundle Diagram Dowload the LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate. You are going to use this template for all of your Lab submissions throughout this passage. This template is helpful in week1 Lab. Create a diagram for the SRS adjustification using the Rational Software Architect software on the Citrix Lab environment established on your structural and behavioral models. STEP 4: Verify, Validate, & Decipher Your Work Using the LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate, authenticate and validate your is-sue Using the LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate, decipher your is-sue, the decisions you made to reach at your designed disruption, and lessons knowing. STEP 4: Propagate an Goal Declare Diagram Create a declare machine diagram for an goal of the RegistrationRecord adjust (the adjust that maintains the registration of a tyro in a adjust) using the Rational Software Architect software in the Citrix Lab environment established on your negotiative and structural models. Using the LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate, observation and paste your goal declare diagram into the template. STEP 5: Upload your LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate Document Save the LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate MS Word muniment delay the perfect indicate LabWeeklySubmissionTemplate_YourName and upload it to the the Files exception of the Passage Menu.