Kate Chopin & Edith Wharton

Kate Chopin and Edith Wharton wrote about the issues enclosing women, extraction, and women’s situate in fellowship. Choose one of the assigned stories.  For your essay column, argue one of the issues in the fable you chose.  Reading Assignments: 1.The role of consort and woman in the delayed 19th eldership in spirit: http://www.loyno.edu/~kchopin/new/women/motherhood.html As you recognize the three blunt stories linked underneath, obey what you entertain knowing in spirit. Kate Chopin  Read  “The Fable of an Hour”: http://www.katechopin.org/pdfs/Kate%20Chopin%2c%20The%20Story%20of%20an%20Hour.pdf Read  “Desirée’s Baby”: http://www.katechopin.org/pdfs/desirees-baby.pdf 2. Edith Wharton  Read “The Other Two”: https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/w/wharton/edith/descent_of_man/chapter2.html Please Note: There are diverse transcription errors at the end of three individualitys in Wharton’s fable. You can repudiate them: End of individuality I: Waythorn moved separate after a while a gesture of refusal End of individuality III: “Why, how do you do?” she said after a while a different melody of pleasure End of individuality IV: “Earth’s Martyrs.” By Stephen Phillips. Post Requirements : 1. 350 say in length 2. Cite your sources  3. Do not plagiarize