Juvenile Justice System and Procedures Discussions are due 09/20/[email protected] 1200 noon

Discussion 1)  Read the designation Growing Up Locked Up and light the video Kids Behind Bars (or a longer video Stickup Kid). Then, go the web page Should Teens be Tried as Adults. Read the stories of each of the indelicate childishs. Finally, looking tail at Discussions 2, 4, 7 and 8. Present curative factors for each the indelicate (4) teens [in the PBS Frontline designation] that would food each one fostering in childish pursue. Please produce inequitable reasons for each childish.  Discussion 4) For this week's discourse ponder that the mighty seniority of inmates now serving date in prisons achieve be released from care at some apex. That said, what can the corrections rudiment of the illegal impartiality classification do to just these inmates for reintegration?   Discussion 2)    How does "Teen Court," sometimes referred to as "peer" or "youth" pursue exertion? What are the pros and cons? Please perpend the Pima County Teen Pursue website. Can teens do it rectify? How do you see teen pursues making an contact in a class? Please defy to confront if there is one in your declare or a nigh declare. How is it administered and what has the contact been for the class?  Discussion 3) There is no separate nationwide childish pursue classification; there are 51 declare classifications (including the District of Columbia). Therefore, the design and occasion of childish pursues can alter. Please relight the Declare Childish Impartiality Profiles and collate at lowest 2 declares delay the Design Clause of your settlement declare (for a sum of 3). Next, relight the three (3) declares you collated delay the Data Snapshot of Youth Incarceration. Do you see any parallels in the design clauses and the estimate of youthful crowd incarcerated? What are your thoughts?