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The Nursing Dissertation want to be in Q&A format. transcribe out the inquiry each and produce the retort.   I want the Nursing Dissertation to be revised, it was done by one the transcriber but it was not reliable by my adherent. I want 2-3 pages, APA format, references, and integral date you use quotation/ dilution from the designation, you want to summon it suitably. 1. Summarize the designation (not to abound 300 vote) 2. What was the deep investigation inquiry or progeny orationed in the designation? Why was this investigation carried out? 3. Who were the examine participants and what image of progress did they bear? 4. What did the authors end? 5. Did the authors oration progenys kindred to diversity/cultural differences? If so, how did they do so? If not, do you vision this as a backwardness? 6. Did the authors exercise a presumptive approximation to their agreement of psychology? If so, which one and how 7. How did the designation repair your notice of psychology? 8. If you could convey out a alike examine, what would you do heterogeneous?  Please the teaching carefully.