PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW 1-4. SEE ATTACHED FILE ON CASE STUDIES 1. An essential dissect of life an schoolmaster is meditation. Meditation is a scholarship order through which you use your proofs and understanding to train you in the advenient.  2. Specifically, you allure advert on the connections you see among each event con-over and two to three topics from the Program Comprehensive Exam.SEE ATTACHED FILE on topics 3. This week we allure be focusing on toll and planning for teaching.   4. Take a few minutes to judge encircling how the event con-over orationes these topics.  Additionally, recognize the boundary Frameworks for defense to insinuation in present childhood: Description and implications.  5. In this week’s recognizeings, we looked at the correlativeness among toll and teaching and how the association of these two prop outcome’s scholarship and bud.  6. A niggardly deviate in command that props the correlativeness of toll and teaching is Defense to Insinuation (RtI). By providing inequitable, targeted insinuations for outcome, we are operative to prop their areas of power and turn.     7. The questions under may scintilla some ideas respecting toll and planning for teaching. You do not deficiency to oration all the questions; instead, transcribe down your thoughts as they explain. 8.  Reflect on the aftercited in your journal: · What were three main ideas that you erudite from the boundary respecting RTI? · Based on the event con-over, what elements of RTI do you judge Mrs. Ashland is using after a while her students? Explain your judgeing using advocacy, proping details and hazardous judgeing. · What proof do you keep using RTI after a while outcome? Explain how you use RTI.   If you do not keep any proof after a while RTI, what are your thoughts on using RTI after a while toll and teaching · What role do you see RTI unoccupied in your advenient is-sue after a while outcome? FREAMWORKS LINK file:///C:/Users/mspri/Downloads/Frameworks_for_response_to_intervention_in_early_childhood.pdf